Look Your Best With Psoriasis!

Helpful fashion pointers from blogger and psoriasis sufferer Helen Hanrahan.

  • Look Your Best With Psoriasis!

    Look Your Best With Psoriasis!

    Wondering what to wear in the colder months? Try these tips from Helen Hanrahan, psoriasis sufferer and author of The Flaky Fashionista blog and step out with confidence!

  • Discover your new black!

    Discover Your New Black!

    If scalp psoriasis is a problem, make gray, taupe or cream your new basic color. Unlike black, these colors will conceal any flaking and let you stand out in a sea of darker fabrics during the winter months.

  • Try on knitwear

    Try on Knitwear

    Don't be tempted to buy knitwear online. Yarns that suit some people may irritate others, so make sure you try it on before you buy.

  • Follow the trends

    Follow the Trends

    This season is a winner for anyone with psoriasis, with pale pink and tartan on trend. Pink ensures scalp flakes aren't visible. And tartan acts as a perfect camouflage—just make sure it contains an element of white.

  • Distract the eye

    Distract the Eye

    It's all in the accessories! When dressing, select items that draw the eye to the area(s) you most want to show off. A fabulous statement necklace, a chunky cocktail ring, a large man's watch or a stunning cuff bracelet will take attention away from your skin. Just wait for the compliments!

  • Time to sparkle

    Time to Sparkle

    For parties, invest in sequin tops or dresses. The good news is that flakes simply slide off sequins, so you can sparkle without worry. Pair a sequin dress with opaque tights and shoe boots. Wear a sequin top with skinny trousers and style the ensemble with a bright-colored clutch and heels.

  • Feel your very best

    Feel Your Very Best

    Fashion upgrades can help you look great. Now, click here for a few ideas from folks with psoriasis to help you feel great, too.

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